Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thanks to my best friend, we now have a blog! A new year and a new way to showcase my sweet little boys, my husband, and our life!

The new year has had a great start. Eddie has killed three deer, and of course, this makes for a happy man! Sam has just turned 5 and is enjoying PreK at First Baptist with Mrs. Carol. He is so smart and I can't believe the things he comes up with! Eli is 2 and every bit of a wild man! He talks so well for his age and wants to do everything his brother does. Just this morning he asked me, "where is my favorite brother?". You never know what he will come up with next. We have a new addition to our family. For mine and Eddie's anniversary, he bought me a yorkie puppy we have named Gizmo. He is precious and the boys love him dearly. His little feet have not hit the ground, as they think he has to be held constantly. We are enjoying him. We also still have a 1 year old English bulldog named Rosie and our Dachshund, Dolly, turned 11 yesterday. Yep, it is a house full here!

I look forward to sharing our lives with you guys. We pray everyone has a very happy new year and more blessings than you can count!