Monday, May 16, 2011

Come Awake, Come Awake, Christ is Risen From the Grave!

Our Easter was so wonderful this year. Lots of laughs, lots of funny stories, great food, fellowship, and celebrating our Lord and Savior's resurrection!

Sam hunting some eggs...

Eli is ready...

Eli's bunny, Thumper, the Easter Bunny brought him

Sam with Tiny Tornado, his bunny from the Easter Bunny

My dad and me

Paw Paw with all of his boys. Only Aaron is not pictured. With 10 little boys we are blessed!

Had to post this! Everyone was amazed at how much my sweet little nephew ate. He loves ribs! :)

Taylor moved on up to the big table this year. Uncle Earl congratulates and welcomes him!

Sam, Jacob, and Eli enjoying their Easter lunch

Friday, May 6, 2011

Ready for the Egg Hunt

This kid and these faces!

Silly Kid

Sam's "hamster egg", as he so named it

This takes lots of concentration...

Sweet little hands so busy...

Sweet Sam

The before picture...

Church Egg Hunt

Resurrection Rolls...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rainy Day Easter Fun!

The rainy day may have cancelled our egg hunt, but it surely did not end our fun at the PDS picnic. Everything was moved to the gym and we all had a great time, enjoying pizza and the fellowship!

Spontaneous Picnic!

As I worked in the yard a couple of Saturdays ago, I watched the boys bring out food. Then I found them perched on the golf cart and, as they said, having a picnic!

Ready to Play!

Eli's First Tee Ball Practice

Can't believe this sweet guy is big enough to play!

One Lazy Dog...

This is the way I found Rosie one early morning last week. If only I could sleep that well!


PDS hosted their first ever intramural game and we had so much fun! Sam did a great job! He is just growing way too fast!

Jacob waiting on the ball

Sam's Kindergaren Class

Our family's "triplets", born just months apart