Monday, September 27, 2010


Yep, we are hooked. On camping. We left out Friday afternoon on our first outing with our new camper. The boys were so excited, you would think we were going to Walt Disney World! We stayed at Jellystone Park right outside of Memphis. This park is a newer one and was a great starter camp for us. With everything we needed being right there on our site, it couldn't get much easier! The boys met two little friends right away with several more to add over the course of the weekend. They would swing for a little, play pirates, slide, play in the sand, ride scooters, and then start all over again. We were camped out right across from the playground so this was icing on the cake! Eddie and I had time to just sit and talk, about the kids, God, the Bible, and just be silly together while the boys had a ball.
I can tell you that I was so concerned when we bought the camper because I thought we would never use it. Mainly because I thought I would be the party pooper! I can tell you now that I am already checking out other campsites. Cannot wait! Yes, me, the one that dreaded it, is hooked! I have always heard my mom and dad tell stories of them camping in their camper with my two older brothers and the fun they all had, riding bikes, fishing, and just being together as a family, which is exactly what we did too.
Saturday night, against Sam's wishes because he didn't want to leave the park, we went to see Disney on Ice at the FedExForum. I am so disappointed because they would not let me take my camera in! They told me the cameras have to be no bigger than just the regular camera with no large lens, for the threat of people selling the pictures of the show. Ha! They must not have seen my pics. But, oh well. I had time to enjoy the show with my two sweeties and my main man and not be stuck behind a camera hoping to get some great shots. And it was a great show!
So, that makes for one busy weekend. And one tired mama that is still trying to catch up!

Really wanting to go back out!

Eli's little friend hanging out on the steps

Our cute little kitchen

Marshmallow Roast!


Eli trying his best to catch up to Sam

Their favorite spot

Who couldn't love this face?!

My first mates :)

Waling the plank

Eddie setting everything up for us

We just loved Yogi

Can't wait to go back!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jacob!

Today, 6 years ago, my sweet little nephew, Jacob Saxon Sims, was born. He was the first of what we call, the triplets. I have another nephew that was born two months later in November, and then our sweet miracle was born the next month in December. These three boys all born months apart. So sweet. Such blessings.
Jacob is such a special, darling child. His mom was diagnosed with cancer shortly after his first birthday and I was blessed to step in and help as much as I could with a toddler myself. As they grew and our sweet Spring grew weaker and sicker, we were able to take Jake along with us on many road trips, fun weekend getaways, and such. He just became one of mine. His smile can light up a room. And the best thing is, that smile is just like his Mama's.
Birthdays are always a little bittersweet for me with her two unbelievably sweet children. I wonder what she would think of them, what she would do differently. She, more like a sister to me than an in-law, is missed so much everyday, but on these days it seems to be a little more. But today when Jacob blew out his number 6 candle, I have no doubt that Spring matched him smile for smile.
I am in awe when I see how the Lord has taken these ashes left from Spring's death and turned them into beauty. The new family the Lord has graciously added to us. Libby, Wyatt, Cole, and Joey. And I am also in awe of how Spring lives on everyday through two little boys. Two little boys that I can't wait to see what God has in store for them. Happy Birthday, Jacob! Pam Pam loves you so much!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lego Land!

This amazing store, located at the Galleria in Birmingham, was such a big hit with our boys! Of course, we are all into Legos right now and this store was icing on the cake. I have to admit, I even thought it was super cool. Only 3 in the United States, we are sure to be back soon!

Eli, getting it just right

Sambo picking out the perfect legos



Labor Day Getaway

Alabama Adventure!

We had a great time this past weekend! We traveled to Birmingham and visited Alabama Adventure. This was a great place, as it is a water park and theme park in one place. The boys had a blast. We stayed in one of our favorite places too, Ross Bridge. Eddie and I have been several times, but it was the boys first visit here. It is absolutely beautiful, and of course, the boys loved the slide at the pool! I am so thankful for little trips like these with our family. So much fun making memories!

Beautiful Ross Bridge Resort. We spent much of our time right here!

So peaceful...

The Barnstormer

Hot air balloon ride

My sweethearts

Eli rounding the corner like a pro

Sam and his precious little smile. He loved this ride!

Silly daddy! This ride is for kids!

Playing in the sand at the cabana

Little E

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Apologies to my Fellow Bulldogs...

What has this child's daddy done to him!?

But, I must admit, he is just too darn cute...Just the wrong colors!

Some Firsts for the Wyeths

First Attempt EVER to fry chicken...Mmm....

First Melons of the Season...Mmm.....

He's even cute when he is dirty!